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The Criminal Justice Society is a professional, on-campus organization that represents the Criminal Justice department at Texas Wesleyan. The organization offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Participation in community service projects
  • Guest presentations by various career professionals guidance in preparing for criminal justice jobs
  • Tours of local prisons, crime labs and law enforcement agencies
  • Networking with your student peers
  • Demonstrating to prospective employers that you have participated in a professional organization while in college


The mission of the Criminal Justice Society (CJS) is to promote professional networking, scholarship awareness and career opportunity availability and to provide recognition to outstanding academic achievers within the Criminal Justice Department.

By hosting frequent guest speakers and making field trips to different criminal justice agencies, CJS members have opportunities to observe and learn the practical aspects of performing various career responsibilities. CJS members are also encouraged to join professional organizations that promote their specific interests within the criminal justice field.

Membership in the Criminal Justice Society is available to all criminal justice majors and minors, as well as students in sociology, psychology and many other related disciplines.

Current Officers

  • President: Deborah Kimbuta
  • Vice-President: La'Brittney Lowe
  • Secretary: Misty Wilkins
  • Treasurer: Leanne Tsirigotis
  • Junior Executive: Darrian Smothers

For more information, please email Misty Wilkins.

Contact Information

Office of Student Life
Location: Brown-Lupton
Campus Center
Phone: 817-531-4872
Fax: 817-531-4432
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

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