Certificate Program

The L.E.A.D 2.0 Certificate is a one-semester program. During the course of the semester, you will participate in hands-on leadership experiences, interactive dialogs and build memories.

The Certificate has five requirements:

  1. Attend a L.E.A.D 2.0 Orientation
  2. Participate in 5 Café Discussions
  3. Complete 10 hours of volunteer hours
  4. Participate in one Leadership Institute
  5. Write a 2-page reflection paper

Orientation: A 30-minute introduction to LEAD 2.0. Explains the process of earning a certificate and badge system.

Discussion Log: 1-1.5 hour interactive dialogs where you learn how you expand your leadership abilities and skills, by sharing thoughts and experiences with others. Led by Jasmine Tuya, a LEAD Mentor or guest speaker

Volunteer Hours: 2 hours per topic discussed. Volunteer hours should coincide with the topic discussed.

Leadership Institute: Day-long leadership conference.

Reflection Paper: Where were you as far as a leader prior to this program, why you chose to be a part of LEAD 2.0, what have you learned from the program, where are you as a leader now and where do you want to be as a leader in the future?

L.E.A.D. 2.0 Certificate Manual

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