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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.

Policies & Procedures

Read & sign your Student Responsibility Policy

Please, read your Student Responsibility Policy to understand your financial obligations. You will sign your policy through your Ramlink account.

Read the policy


Need to order books?

Look for books at the Texas Wesleyan Book store - Follett 

Want your books shipped? Look here for more information.

Want to use your credit balance to pay for books? Read out book voucher policy below:

Book Voucher Policy

Review our book voucher policy below:

Texas Wesleyan University will send a list of students with credit balances to the Texas Wesleyan/Follett bookstore, two weeks prior to the beginning of school to use to purchase books and other educational material. A credit balance is an overpayment of charges on the student account that could be attributed to cash payments, student loans, Pell grant, other grants, or other financial aid including institutional aid. The voucher system will stay open for 1 week after the beginning of school for a total of three weeks to charge books to their student account by voucher. The maximum allowed for charges is $750.

Should the student need more materials, the bookstore can contact the cashier’s office to get approval for a higher amount. A higher amount will be approved if the student’s credit balance will support the charges.

By not using the voucher system, the student automatically declines to participate in the program and no book charges will be incurred. Book charges will be posted the next day to the student account for the charged amount, reducing the credit on their account. 

Any remaining credit balance will be issued to the student in the form of a refund check. (See refund policy). Regulation 668.164(i)


Drop/Withdrawal Policy

If you drop or withdraw from your classes anytime before the third calendar day of your session, you'll receive a 100% refund of tuition charges if you drop or withdraw.

There are no refunds of fees if you drop/withdraw after your class start date. Beginning the fourth calendar day of the session, there is no adjustment of charges. Your entire balance is due.

In order to keep the courses on your schedule, you'll need to pay the balance on your account. Check the payment due dates listed on our website.


Refund Policy

If you received more financial aid than your tuition cost, refunds will be disbursed within 14 days of loans being applied to student accounts.

If you have any questions about your loan disbursement or refunds please contact the Cashier's Office at 817-531-4456 or at


Sponsor Billing & Reimbursement Policy

Tuition Assistance & Reimbursement from Employers

Texas Wesleyan will provide you with a bill of all the tuition and fees you paid upon registration. As the student, you are the responsible party for all tuition and fees due to the University. If you're eligible for tuition assistance or reimbursement from your employer, you are responsible to follow the employers’ process to obtain reimbursement.

If you have questions about your charges and the discount amount, please contact the cashier’s office at 817-531-4456 or

Is your employer part of our Strategic Partnership Program? Check out more information about your discounted tuition rates and more. If you have any questions, please contact