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New faculty-requested Web calendar makes debut

01.30.2014 | By:

Last semester, the Texas Wesleyan faculty expressed a need for an online calendar that actually displayed as a calendar instead of a list of events.

Digital Marketing heard your request loud and clear, and the new calendar-style display is now live.

In the new display, students, faculty and staff can view University events in a calendar-style grid. When you click on the date you want displayed, the day's events will be shown. In addition to the new display, you also can add events to your personal or shared Outlook calendar.

New look, same system

The new calendar will not affect the way events are submitted, just the way they’re displayed on the main University calendar and the academic calendar. We will continue to use the same, easy-to-use system that more than 100 faculty and staff have received training for since August.

If you would like the new calendar added to your department’s website, we will be holding a content contributor meeting in February to show Web-trained faculty and staff how to make their events more visible. Visit the Web Services training page to register and check for training dates and times.