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Flame e-newsletter returns to Monday & Thursday delivery schedule Aug. 17

08.07.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Header for the Wesleyan Flame e-newsletter

‌Beginning Monday, Aug. 17, the Wesleyan Flame e-newsletter will return to its regular Monday and Thursday morning delivery schedule.

The Flame is dedicated to delivering timely, informative news stories and University event reminders to faculty and staff.

How do I submit a news story or event?

News and events for the Flame are submitted through Terminal 4 (T4), the University's content management system. If you would like to contribute Web content for your department but do not have T4 access, contact Elaine Sharpe, digital content specialist, for training opportunities. 

When is the deadline?

The deadline to submit news and events for the Flame is noon the business day prior:

  • For Monday’s Flame - the deadline to submit a news story or event is Friday at noon
  • For Thursday’s Flame - the deadline to submit a news story or event is Wednesday at noon

Important tips:

  • When submitting news, check the box at the bottom of the T4 form that says "Include in Flame." 
  • If you have a promotion schedule in mind or specific days you would like your story to run, contact Ann Davis.
  • News stories run in the featured news section at the top of the newsletter or the "Campus Buzz" section.
  • Events run in the "Lets Go" section.
  • A picture says a thousand words. Take a photo with your smart phone or contact the office of marketing and communications for a photo. 
  • Headlines should be between 7-10 words

Why should I contribute news?

When you post your department's news to your website you:

  • Share important information about your work with the University community
  • Alert the University's marketing team of your news and events, which leads to further promotion through multiple internal and external media channels, including social media
  • Help drive traffic to the University's website by increasing our relevance to search engines like Google

Your feedback is important

We always want to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the Flame. Please submit your feedback below.


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