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Meet the Marketing & Communications Team: New Faces, New Roles

Marketing team poses for a photo

Over the past few months, the Marketing & Communications Department has been working to restructure the office. Welcoming some new faces and changing the roles of current staff has allowed the department to focus on two big areas:

  • A marketing team that works on digital advertising, emails, paid marketing materials and website structure and accessibility that raise awareness of Texas Wesleyan and track the success of campaigns.
  • A communications team that works on telling the University’s story through website articles, social media, graphic design, photography and videography and positioning Texas Wesleyan to be a game changer in the community.

While two teams have derived from the restructuring, many roles will work together to have more cohesive messaging. The teams will be in a feedback loop, allowing for more effective marketing and communications tactics. (It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — two different ingredients that have two different roles but work together to make one tasty sandwich.)

Marketing team makes funny faces in a group photo

Top left to right: Rita Weighill, Adam Brewer, Alan Liebrecht, Ryan Stankard, Tammy Evans-Mitchell, Angela Rainey, Amy Orcutt

Bottom left to right: Danielle Dixson, Valerie Carrington, Paula Tran


Leadership Staff

Alan Liebrect | Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications

Alan began his role as Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing & Communications in December of 2020. Since his time here, he has helped grow enrollment and overseen new enrollment and marketing techniques to better engage incoming students. He also works closely with executive staff around campus to help the University accomplish its goals through marketing and enrollment.

Rita Weighill | Interim Vice President of Marketing

Rita has over 30 years of experience in higher education marketing and is helping guide the team as it transitions with the restructuring and “big picture” strategic planning of marketing and communications.

Angela Rainey | Executive Assistant for Marketing & Communications

Angela works alongside staff to help with budgeting and processing payments, scheduling meetings and coordinating with other departments. Angela comes to the department from the School of Health Professions where she worked as the coordinator for five years. She’s also a huge team player in the local community, helping lead many organizations and charities in Tarrant County.

The Marketing Team

Amy Orcutt | Director of Marketing Operations and Strategy

Amy Orcutt is the leader of the marketing team. She joined the marketing department in July 2020 and immediately got to work helping set up Slate, the marketing and admissions customer relationship management system. She is a powerhouse at streamlining many communication processes and works closely with admissions to make sure messaging is on track and improving the prospective student experience. She also helped develop the Smaller. Smarter. commercials. In her new role, she is also working closely with her team to help oversee digital advertising, website, email and marketing materials.

Ryan Stankard | Senior Marketing & SEO Specialist

You may know Ryan as the “tall T4 guy” — but there’s a lot of things he does behind the scenes since starting in March 2021. Besides being the University’s main T4 contact, Ryan works to send out the staff and faculty newsletter, The Flame, builds website pages and works closely with the web developer to make sure the site is running smoothly. In his new role as a senior marketing & SEO specialist, he will also be helping monitor the success of campaign efforts, report to the team on search engine optimization opportunities and providing guidance on the user experience of the website.

Adam Brewer | Web Developer

Adam just started with the team at the beginning of October. He joins TXWES after doing several years of web development freelancing for various companies. As the web developer, he will work closely with the marketing team and designer to help improve user experience on the website. He will be able use HTML and CSS coding to help translate design into a functional web page or email. He will also work to fix any website issues, improve processes and modernize the TXWES web experience.

VACANT | Marketing Manager

The team is currently looking to hire a marketing manager to help develop and streamline emails in Slate, monitor marketing materials for accuracy and help strategize the marketing process. This person will work closely with the communications team to give direction on what content topics are working well and what content areas need to be improved upon. The marketing manager will also run the artificial chat bot for the University and work closely with the direct of marketing operations and strategy to help determine the best marketing materials.

The Communications Team

Tammy Evans-Mitchell | Director of Communication Strategy & Public Relations

Tammy joined the team in April 2022 and hit the ground running working to improve public relations strategies, crisis communications and help educate the team on best practices. As the director of communication strategy and public relations, she will oversee the communications team. She also coordinates media inquiries, works to position the University and helps keep the RAMily informed on new things happening at TXWES. She also has been working to improve the University’s social media presence.

Paula Tran | Senior Brand Manager & Graphic Designer

Since joining the team in Feb. 2019, Paula has worked on several design projects from postcards, flyers and kiosk signage to helping with video and audio projects. She’s been a huge team player in helping the videographer develop the Smaller. Smarter. commercials and making sure all visual elements are within TXWES’ brand standards. In her new role as a senior brand manager & graphic designer, she will also take on more digital design efforts and take lead on creating the visual storytelling of the Smaller. Smarter. brand.

Valerie Carrington ’15 | Senior Content Manager & Writer

Valerie joined the team in Jan. 2020 and worked to switch email communications from the old customer relationship management system (CRM) to Slate, the new CRM. She managed email communications, developed streamlined communication practices and helped launch the artificial intelligence bot. She also wrote many of the Smaller. Smarter. marketing materials and assisted with website articles. With the many happenings at Texas Wesleyan, the team saw a need for someone to manage the Smaller. Smarter. voice and become the storyteller of the University. In her new role as the senior content manager & writer, Valerie will coordinate and write those stories and work with the team to share them to various media channels.

Danielle Dixson | Creative Services Manager

Danielle joined the team as the creative services manager in July 2022. In her role, she helps coordinate the projects coming to the marketing team from various departments — if you need help with a project, she’s your go-to person! She works with staff and faculty to understand their project requests and get quotes from vendors if needed, then hands off the various needs to the rest of the team. She monitors the progression of the project, answers questions and makes sure projects are completed in a timely manner. Danielle also helps with the direction of social media and keeps the team running smoothly.

Cody Adams | University Photographer & Videographer

Cody Adams is the team’s newest member, taking on the job of photographer and videographer. Working closely in coordination with the communications team, Cody will help develop visual content for various media platforms, put together the Smaller. Smarter. advertising and produce video and photography needs for departments across campus.

Need to get in touch with the team?

Our team is ready to help you with your projects — whether it’s getting marketing materials designed for your program, helping build new pages on your website or telling the story of something amazing you’ve been a part of.

You can submit a project request onlinetell us about cool things your department is doing or get some training or resources to help you promote your programs and make sure you’re staying in brand.

You can always stop by the marketing & communications office in the basement of the West Library – Room B36 for help, too. If you’re lucky enough, you might also catch us in the middle of a pun battle.

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We live the brand. You might think that sounds silly, but to us, Smaller. Smarter. isn't just a brand, it's everything we do. It's about more than creating award-winning TV commercials, designing witty billboards optimizing digital ads for the web. It's about creating an authentic experience for students, faculty, staff, friends and beyond.
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