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What's new in T4: How to use the updated news content type

09.30.2015 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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We made some changes to make our news and events system better than ever, and that means there are a few new things to look for when you post your stories.

If you missed our training session on how it works, here's a breakdown of what you need to know.

Step 1: Create a section in the appropriate category

Part of our upgrade was adding category sections to the majority of the "Department News" folders. If a story makes sense in more than one category, add it to the one that’s most appropriate. You’ll learn how to add it to additional categories in step 5.

If it doesn’t fit in any categories, or if categories weren’t added to your department’s website, add it to "Department News" like usual.

Step 2: Add your content item and give it a headline

Nothing has changed here — just remember to make sure your headline and section title match.

Step 3: Choose an author

This step is still being developed, so if you don’t see the name you want, just choose "Texas Wesleyan University." When it’s ready to be fully implemented, we’ll let you know.

Step 4: Add your teaser, photo and story

Nothing has changed here either — just do what you’ve always done and go to step 5.

Step 5: Choose your categories

First, select the title category. This is your primary category and determines the text that displays above your headline.

Next, choose your linked categories. This allows you to add your story to more than one place if more than one category fits your content.

Step 6: Choose your display options

Your options are "Featured," "Rotator," "Flame" and "Normal." Currently, only "Flame" and "Normal" affect your section. Choose "Flame" if you would like your story included in the bi-weekly faculty and staff email.

Step 7: Set your canonical link

Click "Select," and a pop-up box with the site structure will open in the top lefthand corner of your screen. Navigate to your news section and choose the section for your story.

Step 8: Add your story

Click "Add," and you’re finished.

What if I have a video?

Just copy the YouTube ID into the box marked "Video ID." This will add your video to the top of your story and display the video icon on your story in the news archive.

If you want to include a playlist with your main video, add the playlist ID to the box marked "Playlist ID" and the playlist will display after the first video finishes playing. 

Where to find the video and playlist IDs:

For a Video:


For a Playlist:


Help is always available

If you need more than a cheat sheet to help you with the updated content type, the Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy is here to help. Email for all your support needs.

For more helpful tips on maintaining your website, visit our "Web tips and downloads" page.

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