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Canadian therapist Stephen Madigan, Ph.D., has designed a workshop to richly explore the foundations of narrative therapy practice questions. Participants learn through an up-close review of his recent therapeutic DVD sessions filmed for the American Psychological Association series on Narrative Therapy.

Stephen’s workshop demonstrates the use, grammar and craft of narrative therapy questions when working with: people struggling with anxiety & depression; couple conflict; trauma, eating disorders and intimate violence.

The workshop's format brings the learner into the thinking behind Stephen's narrative therapy practice – while making the practice of narrative therapy visible and clear. The workshop plans to offer numerous opportunities to experience new forms of therapy practice and – it is expected that each participant will return to their work with many enhanced narrative therapy skills.

The workshop provides a guide to:

  • Learn a "hands on," step-by-step guide on how to therapeutically engage in a wide variety of narrative therapy conversations with diverse groups of people and problems.
  • Develop rich, practical knowledge and operational therapeutic skills.
  • Understand the meaning and importance of re-authoring conversations, and develop the skills involved in the re-authoring of lives relationships.
  • Learn the art of therapeutic letter writing, double listening, the theoretical and practice orientation of post-structuralism, context relationally driven externalizing conversations, and crafting unique outcome and relative influence questions.
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