Facilities Service Request Form

(Use this form for set ups, housekeeping, security and building access requests.)

If you have any questions about which section of this form to fill out, please call 817-531-4454

Reservation Confirmation Number:

Name of Requestor:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Name of Organization:

Name of Event:

Date of Event:

Start Time:

End Time:

Building/Outside Location:

Room Number:

Number Expected:

Are you serving food/refreshments?

Please Indicate Services Required for Your Event:

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Housekeeping Services

This section should be filled out for restroom clean-ups, spills, or after-event clean-up. Please note that any requests above normal cleaning services could incur an extra charge which will be paid by the department/group requesting the service.

Notice to Dorm Residents: Requests for housekeeping service in the dorms or West Village must come from Resident Housing Staff only.



Restrooms Serviced?
Describe other housekeeping services if needed:

Event Setup
Event Setup Services

Basic Setup Requests require a minimum of four (4) business days from date of request submittal to date of the event for scheduling. A basic set up involves less than 50 people attending the event and does not require tents, floor tarps, hanging of banners, etc.

Complex Setup Requests require ten (10) business days from date of request submittal to date of the event for scheduling. A complex set up involves more than 50 people attending the event and also can require tents, floor tarps, hanging of banners, etc.

Outside event setups are only available from March 15th through November 15th. They are not available from November 16th to March 14th.

Tables Needed?
Number of Tables:
exact numbers only

Chairs Needed?
Number of Chairs:
exact numbers only

Setup Description:

Security Services
Security Services

Event rooms, technology rooms and labs will not be opened in advance. Security will only open when called and there is someone present to take responsibility for the facility.

This section must be filled out for evening or weekend events, or if you need access to computer labs, conference rooms, unscheduled classrooms, Bragan Hall, Martin Hall, Lou's Pavillion, the Baker Building, the Swimming Pool, or the Gym.

Do you need the facility/room unlocked?
If you need other Security Services, please describe:

Sign Services
Signs Services

Signs are limited to 2 per event and are on a first come first served basis. Please note that there may not be enough signs for all the events occurring on campus at a given time.

Number of Signs Needed:
Sign Text:
Signs have 6 lines with space for 10 characters per line, including spaces

Sign Placements:

Reserved Parking
Reserved Parking
Is reserved parking needed?
Lot location and number of spaces:

Additional comments about your event:

If you require media services, fill out the Media Request Form located under IT Forms.

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