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Check out the CETL Fall Kickoff 2017 Wrap Up

09.21.2017 | By:
A picture of Dr. McGuire presenting to faculty at Lou's Place.

Thanks to all of you who attended the CETL Fall Kickoff 2017! We applaud your active participation in Dr. McGuire's sessions for faculty and students. However, what matters most are your next steps.

Now is a great time to challenge ourselves to:

  • Commit to implementing at least one strategy in our classroom, advising, etc.

  • Remind students of Dr. McGuire's strategies
  • Teach Bloom's taxonomy to students

  • Invite the Academic Success Center to visit your class

  • ‌Encourage students to utilize The Study Cycle

Why? Because we believe there is a difference between studying and learning. Help our students achieve great success in changing the way they think about their processes.

Let's begin today!

We are anticipating great results in student achievement starting with these simple tasks.  If you would like to schedule an individual or department consultation to further explore this initiative, please contact the CETL. Information concerning the ACE Your Course Campaign is coming soon!

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