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Webinar: Promoting critical thinking through online discussions

03.07.2018 | By:
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The CETL is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a webinar about best practices in designing and managing online discussions at 3 p.m on March 20.

Faculty who teach or will soon teach ‌onlinHigh Engagement Strategies: Communitye courses are encouraged to attend!

Dr. Christine Harrington will discuss research-based techniques for using discussion forums effectively.

Topics will include:

  • Building a learning
  • Encouraging critical thinking through the use of effective discussion forum prompts
  • Managing discussion forums

About Dr. Harrington

Dr. Harrington is the Executive Director of the Student Success Center at the NJ Council of Community Colleges. She is the author of Student Success in College: Doing What Works! 3rd edition, a research-based text for the first-year seminar course that uses a Guided Pathways framework, published by Cengage Learning, and co-authored with Todd Zakrajsek Dynamic Lecturing: Research-Based Strategies for Evidence-Based Practices published by Stylus, and is a contributing author of Foundations for Critical Thinking, published by the National Resource Center on the First Year Experience and Transitions.

RSVP today for this one-hour session hosted in Backboard Collaborate. We look forward to meeting you there!