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Faculty Resources

We support faculty development by providing resources and professional growth opportunities to support teaching goals.

CETL Offerings

Welcome to our newest online resource, the Course Catalog, which curates our current workshops and institutes.

To simplify the process of connecting workshops to faculty needs and interests, our listings are arranged in topical categories. However, if you have further suggestions or questions concerning provided workshops, please contact the CETL or complete a workshop request form.

Course Design Consultation

Faculty interested in collaborating with an instructional designer to plan, redesign, or review a class offering are invited to schedule a course design consultation with the CETL. At the end of the first consultation, faculty will leave with an action plan. Follow-up sessions will be scheduled as required. Consultations cover an array of course design components, including the following:

• Creating the Course Structure: Create or revise learning objectives; align assessments and activities to those objectives

• Evaluating Assessment Effectiveness: Create or redesign course assessments to improve measurement of student learning

• Clarifying the Course Syllabus: Refine syllabus content for clarity

• Review Course Activities: Apply evidence-based practices to course activities and presentation of materials to improve student retention and transfer of learning

• Translate Face-to-Face Course Materials to an Online/Hybrid Format: Adapt existing course content for a face-to-face class for an online or hybrid version of the course

• Improving Student Engagement: Focus on strategies for creating a student-focused learning environment

• Embracing BlackBoard: Organize and create course content, including assignments, in BlackBoard

If you would like help with course design, set up an appointment for an individual consultation with the CETL staff.

Contact the CETL to schedule today!

Professional Development

For the past few years, the CETL has implemented a system of badges to better acknowledge, challenge and reward faculty and staff who engage in professional development activities.

In the current iteration of the system, we have developed new badges, refined the badge levels and tweaked the way badges are earned. We have also expanded the way participants can publicly display their badges using Credly.

Our goal is to build a system that is customizable by the participants, acknowledges that professional development comes from many venues, and pushes participants to apply, reflect on and share what they've learned.

Understanding the Levels:

badge explanation

Most of these badges listed above have three distinct levels and the progression from one level to another is an example of a participant's learning path.

Level 1: "Learn Stuff"

Level 1 is earned simply by attending any professional development activities. These activities can be CETL workshops, individual consultations with CETL staff, or even opportunities from other sources like a professional conference or webinar.

Level 2: "Apply/Do Stuff"

Those who wish to progress to the Level 2 badge can do so by completing a challenge. Using personalized learning, learner-centered teaching and competency-based education strategies, we encourage the participants to choose the challenges that they want to complete and they can complete them at their own pace. However, the completion of the self-assigned challenges become evidence of the participant's learning.

Level 3: "Evaluate/Share Stuff"

Participants can move on to Level 3 by completing another very important challenge: sharing their knowledge with their professional community. Participants who want to achieve this level of badge (therefore becoming "trailblazers" for that topic) are encouraged to share their experiences of learning about a topic (or tool) and the results of applying that knowledge in their professional lives/teaching via the CETL blog, a workshop or any other formal/informal research and publication avenues.

To learn more please, contact the CETL.

Resources for New Faculty

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is committed to supporting new faculty. In addition to the many services available to all faculty, the CETL offers the following resources for new faculty.

Lunch Workshop Series

Sessions focusing on various teaching, learning and technology topics will be offered specifically for new faculty throughout each semester. Registration is required, and lunch is provided.

Blackboard Basics Training

A self-paced course in Blackboard to help you become familiar with using Blackboard in your course. New faculty are enrolled as students in the course. Contact cetl@txwes.edu for questions or more information.

CETL Book Library

The CETL's library contains several books on teaching and learning topics for faculty checkout. View the available books for checkout.

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