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CETL Happenings: Find out what's going on in April

04.08.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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Student Engagement Workshop with Dr. Erik N. Christensen

Get ready for a hands-on presentation of Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement with guest speaker Erik N. Christensen on Thursday, April 14.

Christensen, a regular presenter of creative and engaging approaches has seen monumental increases in student engagement and interactivity in his classroom. Come expecting a variety of strategies and tools that you can use immediately.

This is a half-day workshop repeated twice; you may attend either session. Register here for morning or afternoon. See you there!


Course Design Consultation

Faculty interested in collaborating with an instructional designer to plan, redesign, or review a current class are invited to schedule a course design consultation with the CETL.
The CETL recommends that faculty who wish to discuss a class to be offered in Fall 2016 schedule an initial consultation no later than June 17. Contact CETL staff to schedule or 817-531-6563.

Faculty Workshop Reflection

Special thanks to Dr. Chris Parker who led an interactive workshop titled “Deep Thought: Promoting Active Learning in the Classroom.” Dr. Parker explained how he used backward design to restructure a week’s worth of lessons in a microbiology class. After aligning learning objectives, student outcomes and assessments, Dr. Parker chose active learning strategies designed to encourage students to take ownership of the content. Workshop participants took part in a number of hands-on activities and discussed the challenges of shifting from a lecture-based teaching style.

Be sure to take a look at our complete list of workshops and RSVP for events or signup for individual consultations on the Texas Wesleyan website. Stay tuned, because Summer Institute is right around the corner!

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