Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.


Atomic Learning is Texas Wesleyan's personal development platform and provides faculty, staff and students with tutorials in a vast variety of topics and software in easy-to-understand short video format.

Additionally, Atomic Learning can be easily integrated within Blackboard, providing faculty, staff and students with on-demand training just by logging in with their University credentials. 

Grammarly is a great service available for Texas Wesleyan. It uses linguistic algorithms to scan your written documents (including email, social media posts, essays and others) and corrects grammatical mistakes as well as contextual errors and poor vocabulary.

Most Texas Wesleyan's classrooms are equipped with SMART Technologies: SMART Board and SMART Notebook. SMART Notebook software connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support that compliments the use of your SMART Board. Its interactive features include polling, brainstorming and much more allowing you to make collaboration a snap in your classroom.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available to all Wesleyan faculty, staff and students. Qualtrics features over 90 question types as well as a library of surveys that can be adapted and used. To get started with Qualtrics, log on with your university credentials.

SoftChalk Cloud is available for faculty and staff for the purpose of creating, sharing and managing learning content. To acquire the license key for SoftChalk Cloud, please contact the Service Desk. SoftChalk Cloud integrates with Blackboard Learn and allows users to create, edit, store and access SoftChalk lessons on the web.

TurnitIn is a tool that seamlessly integrates with Texas Wesleyan's learning management platform — Blackboard — that checks students' papers for plagiarism. TurnitIn scans students' papers and provides faculty with originality reports based on comparisons between the student's submissions and a large database of online papers, as well as other TurnitIn client institutions' submissions.

Mediasite is the University's current solution for lecture capture and hosting pre-recorded video. Faculty can make use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder to create lecture capture video from a desktop computer equipped with a microphone and camera. Faculty users can also access the My Mediasite tool within the Blackboard Course Tools area to download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder application, upload existing video files and manage their video presentations that have been uploaded to Mediasite.

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