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Faculty Report Wesleyan Global Scholars

In preparing your report, please refer to the objectives you outlined in your original proposal.

You are encouraged to consider the questions outlined below. The report should be submitted to your Wesleyan Global Scholars Faculty Advisory Committee no later than at the end of the semester you return to campus.

  1. Are there aspects of your own courses and research activities that you will change as a result of what you learned abroad?
  2. Which cultural similarities and differences did you find and how did these affect you?
  3. What was the most positive aspect of your visit?
  4. What was the most negative aspect of your visit?
  5. What future activities will you pursue as a result of the visit abroad? (Indicate activities/projects that you wish to encourage among Wesleyan faculty, staff, and students and activities to promote your own professional/individual development.)
  6. How will you encourage your colleagues to undertake a visit abroad?
  7. How will you encourage your students to study abroad?
  8. Do you have catalogs and other material from the institution you visited? If you do, please share those with Wesleyan Global Scholars Faculty Advisory Committee.
  9. Were you able to gather other information that may be helpful to students or faculty who consider visiting the country?
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