Diversity and Inclusion

Texas Wesleyan is committed to providing its students and employees with the opportunity to live, learn and work in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment. We strive to create this environment by cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion at every level of our institution.

This Texas Wesleyan University Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan‌ outlines four critical components to creating an inclusive environment:

  • diversifying employee and student demographics;
  • weaving diversity and inclusion into our curriculum;
  • supporting and celebrating campus diversity;
  • fostering accountability through institutional leadership and administration.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion directly supports Texas Wesleyan’s mission and 2020 Vision strategic plan. Diversity drives innovation, which is a vital component to teaching students to think critically and preparing them to compete on a global scale.  And our 2020 Vision states that our student population and faculty and staff will represent a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultural groups.

As we look to 2020 and beyond, we know that our dedication to diversity and inclusion will continue to strengthen and enrich our campus community and increase Texas Wesleyan’s competitiveness in an ever-changing higher education landscape.

Frederick G. Slabach




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