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Blue Zones Power 9 roadmap helps employee finish marathon

04.03.2019 | By: Christi Tallent
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‌On March 1, Librarian Caitlin Rookey ventured to The Woodlands to run her second marathon. While some people told her she was crazy, she did not mind because running is her favorite form of exercise and time for meditation!

When asked to share a testimony about her accomplishment, she set out for a run and used that time to brainstorm what she could share about the experience. Caitlin thought about how the Blue Zones Power 9 correlates with marathon training and came up with the following insights:

Caitlin Rookey Marathon Photo in Houston!

  1. Move Naturally – Running feels natural to me. It is a wonderful form of exercise that requires nothing but you and the outdoors.
  2. Purpose – Having a goal to work toward that isn’t job-related is important to me. Working towards something I am passionate about makes me better at my job because I am not over analyzing and burning myself out with work-related issues.
  3. Down Shift – Running long distances in your training forces you to downshift. There was nothing I looked forward to more than a leisurely breakfast and a nap after a weekend morning long run.
  4. 80% Rule – Taxing your body with high mileage can really show what deficiencies you have in your diet. You can tell what makes you feel sluggish on a run and what fuels you. I kept a food diary to help myself stay in check.
  5. Plant Slant – Eating cleaner makes training easier. I could not do a morning run after eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s the night before. Trust me. I tried.
  6. Wine @ 5 – Running kept me from overindulging at dinner, but I never passed up a mimosa with brunch or a beer after a fun run.
  7. Belong – I completed my long runs on Sunday mornings. The quiet streets and trails invited a sense of comfort and I could truly let go and let my mind run.
  8. Loved Ones First – This is a struggle when you juggle a goal of training and work, but when your time is limited you start to focus on what really matters: spending time with family and friends.
  9. Right Tribe – My running buddies are my tribe. They keep me accountable, safe, healthy, and sane during training cycles.

"My marathon did not go exactly as planned, but I enjoyed the process and will start training again soon for the next one. The Power of 9 serves as a great roadmap to plan around a passion. I think running makes me a better person and I encourage everyone to find what makes them feel like the best version of themselves."

Thank you, Caitlin, for sharing your testimony and congratulations on your accomplishment and commitment for a healthier you!  

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