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Reminders about your health plan

12.18.2017 | By:
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2018 will be here before we know it! Below are some friendly reminders about a few things related to our health plans:

Both BCBS medical plan deductibles start over on Jan 1

  • Both BCBS medical plans include preventive benefits covered at 100%
  • While off during the break, don’t forget about Teladoc if you are under the weather.  Teladoc is free if you are on the PPO and $40 if you are on the HSA plan.
  • The holidays aren’t always a joyous time for everyone.  Some may feel anxious or depressed. Please don’t forget about our Employee Assistance Program.  They are available to help. 

Last but definitely not least, despite what you will hear on the news and/or commercials during the last week of 2017, you do not need to run out and use all of your FSA money by Dec 31  Our FSA plan year does not end until March 31.

For any questions, please contact Kim Stergio ext. 4443 or email

We wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday season.

And don’t forget… Save the date, Jan 25 Employee Health, Benefits & Safety Fair!


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