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Spring 2018 Tuition Waiver due Dec. 18

10.26.2017 | By: Christi Tallent
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The Spring 2018 Tuition Waiver applications are now available!

The Tuition Waiver Application has been divided into two applications to identify the MBA and non-MBA programs. Please choose the application that relates to your enrolled program.

Please review the important reminders:

  • Employees must complete all tuition waivers and submit the forms to the Human Resources (HR) office no later than Monday, Dec. 18
  • Per the Tuition Waiver policy, all full-time, regular employees and faculty of the University, their spouses and children are eligible for a tuition waiver. Regular part-time employees, faculty or staff, are eligible for the tuition waiver and will be pro-rated to the number of regular hours you work each week
  • All tuition waiver applicants must attach a class schedule to the Tuition Waiver application
  • Applicants planning to apply as a tuition waiver student must submit their admission application, pay any related application fees, and submit all necessary documents by the posted admissions deadline Dec. 4 for their program of choice, or no later than two weeks before the tuition waiver deadline Dec. 18 is due or whichever comes first

Tuition Waivers received after the Dec. 18 deadline will not be approved and processed.