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Support fellow employees at HR's annual service awards Nov. 20

11.19.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan is pleased to announce the following employees will receive an employee appreciation award for their dedicated service to the University.  

Please join us for an awards ceremony at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20, at Lou's Place with a reception immediately following. All faculty and staff are encourage to attend in support of their fellow employees. 

5 Years

  • Gayle Anderson
  • Trisha Anderson  
  • Ilka Araujo   
  • Judy Baker   
  • Robyn Bone
  • Elizabeth Bridges             
  • Steven Daniel       
  • William Franey
  • Valerie Havens     
  • Laura Kunkel 
  • Trevor Morris 
  • Eddie Rodriguez     
  • James Schmidt
  • Misti Sparks                                                                  
  • Sean Stokes                                                                     
  • Charity Strickland                                                   
  • Elizabeth Ward                                               
  • Darren White 

10 Years                                                             

  • Keith Evans  
  • Stephanie Franks        
  • John Gullion    
  • Beatrice High    
  • Marcel Kerr                    
  • Madison Le                          
  • Fabiola Rodriguez     
  • Loraine Silvestro  
  • Bryan Stevenson    
  • Tammy Terihay     
  • Sameer Vaidya                                                       
  • Aaron Whaley
  • DeAwna Wood                                                         
  • Yukong Zhang

15 Years

  • Jeanne Everton
  • Carl Smeller

20 Years

  • Kevin Chandler
  • Pamela Rast

25 Years

  • Thomas Smith

30 Years

  • Patricia Alexander

 35 Years

  • Mary Clark
  • Ronnie McManus
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