Strategic Plan: Student Development

Goal 2: To enroll and retain motivated undergraduate and graduate students and provide moral, ethical and academic support to develop successful community and professional leaders

  1. The undergraduate enrollment will sustain a vibrant general education curriculum and pre-professional liberal-arts based degree programs.
    1. The annual new undergraduate population will increase to 300 freshmen and 440 transfer students for a total undergraduate enrollment of 1800 FTE.
    2. The median SAT/ACT score of incoming students will increase to the top quartile of comparable universities as reported in IPEDS.

  2. The graduate enrollment will sustain professional graduate programs meeting community needs for professionally prepared employees.
    1. Graduate enrollment will Increase to 750 FTE.

  3. The student population will be reflective of the socio-economic and ethnic diversity of Texas.
    1. Wesleyan’s socio-economic and ethnic diversity will be at par with Texas as reported in the Census report.

  4. Undergraduate students will persist to graduation.
    1. The undergraduate six-year graduation rate will increase to the top quartile of comparable private universities as reported in the IPEDS report.

  5. Campus housing will provide the foundation for a vibrant student life.
    1. The population of students in on-campus housing will increase to 500.
    2. Students will indicate a seven-of-seven score on questions related to student life on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

  6. The co-curriculum and extra-curricular activities will enhance academic learning by engaging and supporting the "whole" student.
    1. Resident student participation in extra-curricular social and service organizations and intramural sports will increase to 50 percent.
    2. Resident and non-resident student participation in co-curricular honorary societies, service learning, music and theater will increase to 60 percent.
    3. Students will indicate a seven-of-seven score on questions related to co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities on the Noel Levitz Survey of Student Engagement.
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