Compliance Certification

The Compliance Certification is a document completed by the institution to demonstrate its compliance with the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements.

Texas Wesleyan University is approaching the completion of the Certification in two steps:

Step 1: 2010-2011 Conduct a Readiness Review

A Readiness Review Team has been established to conduct the review.


  • Confirmation of responsibilities for assuring compliance with standards
  • Assement of compliance
  • Assement of supporting documents currently available
  • Identification of relevant activities underway
  • Identification of issues that may affect compliance
  • Conduct independent assessment of compliance
  • Establish responsibility for preparing the compliance certificate

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Step 2: 2011-2012 Prepare Compliance Certification

Preparation of the Compliance Certification will follow the completion of the Readiness Review.

Purpose: Completetion of the Compliance Certification requires three actions by the institution for each of the standards:

  • Determine the level of compliance
  • Attach documentation that supports the level of compliance indicated
  • Develop a narrative that summarizes, links, and interprets the documentation as it builds a case in support of the level of compliance indicated.

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Compliance Certification Team:

Ms. Julie McCoy, Team Leader Mr. Chris Windsor
Dr. Helena Bussell Ms. Cindy Potter
Ms. Stephanie Franks Ms. Sheri Parker
Ms. Kay Van Toorn Mr. Madhav "Maddy" Chandra
Dr. Aileen Curtin
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