Call for Proposals

Your ideas are essential to the success of the Quality Enhancement Plan.
Please review the following documents for QEP Proposals.
Downloadable QEP Submission Form and Instructions

QEP Planning Help Sessions

Tuesday March 22, 2011, from 12:15 to 1:15 and Monday, March 28, 2011, from 12-1:30 in the West Conference Room of the library.

Resources for Preparation of the QEP Proposal

Below you will find information that the QEP Planning and Topic Selection Steering Committee collected in preparation for the selection of the QEP topic. You might find it helpful in creating a proposal.

Survey Results

In January, the QEP Planning and Topic Selection Steering Committee conducted a survey to gauge attitudes about how the Wesleyan community might think about possible topics for a Quality Enhancement Plans. The results, sorted by entire survey and by groups, are attached.

Combined Survey Results

Faculty Results

Student Results

Staff Results

Trustees Results

Alumni Results

Original Survey Questions


Focus Group Responses

From the November Board of Trustees meeting through the middle of February, the QEP Planning and Topic Selection Steering Committee conducted 25 focus groups of faculty, staff, students, alumni and trustees to generate discussion on what would be important to Texas Wesleyan University to enhance students learning.  The transcripts are below.  Phase One focus group questions are general in nature and, with the results of the Survey, led to the development of the questions for the Phase Two focus groups.
Please Click To Read Each

QEP Focus Group - Phase 1
Board of Trustees Group 1
Board of Trustees Group 2
Education Doctoral Students
Upper Level Music Students
University Senior Staff
Signature Experience Leadership Team
Wesleyan Alumni
Lower Level Music Students
University College Day Committee
Faculty Council
Graduate Counseling Students
Graduate Counseling Faculty
Law Faculty Group 1
Law Faculty Group 2
Law Faculty Group 3
Law Faculty Group 4

QEP Focus Group - Phase 2
Faculty Assembly Group 1
Faculty Assembly Group 2
Faculty Assembly Group 3
Faculty Assembly Group 4
Students Group 1
Students Group 2
University Staff Group 1
University Staff Group 2
Student Government Association 1
Student Government Association 2


Prior QEP Submissions


Texas Wesleyan QEP Pre-Proposals

The QEP Planning and Topic Selection Steering Committee selected these QEP topic Pre-Proposals to be developed into full proposals. Full proposals are due to the committee by June 4, 2011. Please direct any comments or suggestions to the proposal developers.

QEP Topic Proposal Feedback Survey Your input is vital for this final step in the process of choosing the topic for our Quality Enhancement Plan. Please read the proposals and then respond to the feedback survey.

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