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Faculty: Help IT prepare your classroom labs for the fall semester

04.20.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

It's time to start preparing for the fall semester, and The Office of Information Technology has an important request for faculty.

IT needs to be aware of any software or application that would need to be installed or uninstalled in the classroom labs for the fall term. We ask that you review the list previously sent via email (sent to the deans). This list currently details all the labs and associated software.

Please note that our University default software profiles are becoming quite large because of the number of applications that are installed every year. Please help us in this collaborative effort to remove what is no longer being used by faculty and identifying what needs to be installed for fall in the labs.

Please let us know if you or your team would like to schedule a meeting to discuss in further detail. Also, please review the information below and let us know of any faculty concerns.

Lab additions

• Microsoft Office 2016
• Microsoft Project 2016
• Microsoft Visio 2016
• SPSS v24

Lab removals

• Mozilla Firefox - Due to administrative and security reasons, Firefox will no longer be included on University images and IT will instead focus on improving the experience with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome. Individual users who wish to use Firefox may still do so, but they will be responsible for maintaining security updates and self-support.
• Apple QuickTime - Apple decided not to issue any more security updates for QuickTime on Windows, despite two major vulnerabilities in the software that can allow hackers into people's computers. The U.S government has informed Windows user to remove QuickTime due to hacking dangers.

Other Removals (removing from university image in the noted locations)




Respondus Lockdown browser

Library F1 & F2

Not a proctored environment, F2 is VDI

Serif PagePlus

All locations

Licensing compliance

Serif PhotoPlus

All locations

Licensing compliance

Serif WebPlus

All locations

Licensing compliance

Evrsoft First Page 2006

All locations

10 years old

JustStyle CSS editor

All locations

Product discontinued in 2009

Microsoft Visual Studio

Library 2nd Floor

Licensing only permitted in STEM labs

Cute PDF

All locations

No longer needed with Office 2016

Active Inspire

All locations

Licensing compliance

Eclipse Juno

All locations

No longer the current version

Microsoft Expression Studio

All locations

Functionality duplicated by GIMP, discontinued

For concerns related to this request, contact:
IT Academic Services

To report service disruptions or performance issues occurring during normal business hours, contact:

Service Desk

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