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IT and computer science department partner for technology internship

03.28.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Experiential learning is recognized at Texas Wesleyan University as an integral part of the college experience. To that end, the Office of Information Technology (IT) has paired with the School of Natural and Social Science to create a computer science intern program.

Students who participate in this hands-on experience gain a fundamental understanding of the workforce in a way that cannot be recreated in a classroom. This internship will also be a great opportunity to build resumes, interviewing skills and gather a good understanding of what is to come in their careers, giving interns an advantage in the job market after graduation.

“This has been a great experience for me to get to learn about the kind of work I would like to go into as well as learn more about the way that the campus is structured.” Tessa McGee, a Junior IT intern, said. “The connection between what I am doing in the IT office and what I am learning about in my computer science classes make classwork more interesting and understandable. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and I think that it’s great that the school offers this kind of thing to students.”

With the help of IT, Career Services and the computer science department, computer science interns follow a syllabus and produce a project that will be graded at the end of the semester.

“The internship program offered by the IT department at Texas Wesleyan provides our computer science students with great opportunities to gain the real-world experience without going off campus." Dr. Yukong Zhang, Associate Professor of Computer Science, said. "By working with the professionals at our IT department, students are able to apply what they learned in the classroom to real-world problems under the mentorship of professionals."

For more information on internships, visit the Career Services Internship page.

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