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Changes coming to IT password policy

01.24.2018 | By:
Student with cell phone

In an ongoing effort to continue to enhance our security posture, we will be implementing the following changes at the first of February.  

Any password used to access information stored and/or maintained by Texas Wesleyan must be at least 10 characters long, contain at least one uppercase letter, one number and a special character (Previous policy was 8 characters and did not require any special characters or a mix of upper and lower case).

Passwords will expire every 180 days. When a password expires or a change is required, users should create a new password that is not identical to the last six passwords previously employed (The previous policy was once a year).

For  anyone who is currently past 180 days your password will immediately need to be reset, which you should be able to do via our password reset tool found here at

The following are still applicable

  • Passwords stored electronically may not be stored in a readable form where unauthorized persons might discover them.
  • Passwords may not be written down and left in a place where unauthorized persons might discover them.
  • Passwords may never be shared or revealed to anyone other than the authorized user.
  • If a password is suspected of being disclosed or known to have been disclosed to anyone other than the authorized user, it must be changed immediately.

If you need help, the Service Desk is available 817-531-4428.