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Sign your mandatory E911 service acknowledgement

05.17.2017 | By:
Press photo for E911 service announcement in the Flame

Texas Wesleyan is required by Federal regulation to inform employees of its Enhanced 911 (E911) Policy. In response to this regulation, the University is requiring all employees to review the E911 Disclosure Statement and provide acknowledgment they understand the policy.

E911 Disclosure Statement

Here's a quick overview of the E911 service.

What is E911?

Enhanced 911 is a standard emergency service automatically provided with Texas Wesleyan's VoIP telephone service. When 911 or 9-911 is dialed from a VoIP telephone, the call is transmitted to the appropriate public emergency response center (aka PSAP) along with the caller's physical location and call back telephone number. In addition, local campus security is automatically notified with additional details about the caller and their location to aid in response efforts.

E911 Limitations

There are certain limitations with E911 and VoIP telephone service compared to traditional land-line telephone service. Situations in which E911 service may be limited or unavailable include but are not limited to:

  • During a power outage
  • During a network outage
  • During scheduled technical maintenance

For a list of additional limitations read the full E911 Disclosure Statement

911 Recommendations

Due to the limitations described in the E911 Disclosure Statement, Texas Wesleyan recommends the following:

  1. Have an alternate means of contacting 911 emergency services, such as a cell phone
  2. State your location and telephone number to emergency personnel during a 911 call if possible

Warning Labels

Representatives from the Office of Information Technology will visit campus offices to apply mandatory warning labels on university telephones.


If you have questions about the information contained in the disclosure statement and would like further clarification before providing your acknowledgment, contact the Service Desk at 817-531-4428 or