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Sponsored Account Request Form

Sponsored Account Request Form

This application is to be used by Wesleyan employees to acquire access for non-Wesleyan affiliated persons needing IT resources for the purpose of supporting instructional, research or administrative activities on Wesleyan campuses. Accounts must be sponsored by the departmental supervisor or Wesleyan employee overseeing the activities of the person(s) on campus. The sponsored account will be active for a maximum of 6 months.

Please complete the form below and click Submit Form. Upon submission, the form will be reviewed and then forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for confirmation.

NOTE: Sponsored accounts are reserved only for use on Texas Wesleyan University assets. This account will not work for personal devices.

* Indicates a required field


Please note: the sponsor identified must be a Wesleyan employee.

*Has the identified sponsor read the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy and does he/she agree to comply with the rules as stated therein and agree to enforce those rules with those he/she is sponsoring?

Please note: If you indicated "No", the form cannot be processed.

Account Request Information*:

Please identify the location where the person/group will need access to IT resources:

Date(s) Person/Group will be on campus:

Time(s) Person/Group will be on campus:

Please allow 5+ business days for processing. For an update on the status of your request, contact the Service Desk at (817) 531-4428.

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