Kicking off football this Fall

Texas Wesleyan is bringing back the football program after an almost 75 year hiatus. Come Fall 2016, we’ll have a red-shirt leadership class ready to practice and scrimmage until they start playing official games Fall 2017.

Whether you play on the team, watch the game from the stands or just follow the scores online, we want you to be a part of this renewed Texas Wesleyan tradition.


Have we sparked your interest?

Bigger isn’t always better. At Texas Wesleyan, there’s no getting lost in the shuffle when your classes only have a handful of students, and your professors know exactly who you are. This is a “Smaller. Smarter.” college experience.

Texas Wesleyan students are already getting a top-tier education, and now, we’re adding a Texas-sized football tradition. We hope to see you in the stands – and in the classroom.

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