Trent story

If you haven’t met Trent, you need to get out more. From his active role in student life projects to class, he’s been a fixture on the Texas Wesleyan campus since the day he set foot on it.

Trent didn't want to be lost in the crowd at a big school, so he chose Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth – a place where he felt he could truly grow as a person.

"A small school would be best because that one-on-one attention would be really, really good," Trent said. 

Trent is a Ram Ambassador on campus – he’s often seen giving a tour to potential students, or leading at school events. "Wesleyan encompassed everything as far as being able to not only network, but also to build relationships that will last a lifetime."

At Texas Wesleyan, Trent has been able to lead by getting involved with his classmates, and through undergraduate opportunities like University College Day. "Faculty loves that one-on-one attention – that’s why they are here rather than being at large university."

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