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Engage in Leadership

We will engage in leadership development by acting as an example for our students and by providing them with opportunities to connect academic experiences with on-campus extracurricular and athletic programming as well as off-campus alumni and professional interactions, enabling them to develop ethical discernment and become a driving force in making significant contributions to their professions and society. 

Faculty and staff will engage in strong leadership, acting as role models for students. Leadership will be demonstrated through innovative, agile, and adaptive practices. Our co- and extra-curricular activities, including athletic programs, will build upon the students’ academic experience by demonstrating institutional values of leadership, ethics, and civic responsibility. The development of leadership competencies will be a priority in all our programs and will nurture students’ ability to be nimble and responsive to changes and challenges.

Students will thrive from the strength of professional connections to industry leaders as we facilitate experiential learning, internships, and athletic programming that will result in meaningful mentorship opportunities. Graduates will be prepared for leadership roles with invaluable experience in their respective professions and industries.