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It’s severe weather season! Use these tips to prepare

04.30.2019 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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Whether at home, in class or in your office, it’s good to be prepared for severe weather. It can be hard to predict where you'll be when severe weather strikes, but with a few short tips, you can be ready.

Sign up for TXWES alerts

The first step to preparing for severe weather and other emergencies is being in the know. The best way to be notified of any campus emergencies is to sign up for alerts. It only takes a minute and you can choose to receive alerts to your cell phone. Not just for severe weather, it will also alert you to any kind of emergency on campus.

There are also many services that will send alerts to your phone. The city of Fort Worth mentions using Nixle. By simply texting your zip code to 888777 or downloading their application to your smartphone, can keep you up to date. 

Have a Plan

Having a plan for your office or classroom is invaluable during a severe weather event. A predefined plan that everyone knows can save time when it matters most. Find your shelter locations and know the best way to get to them. If you need to escape your building, know your predetermined evacuation locations and account for your office. It also helps to know the difference between advisories, watches and warnings

What to do:

  • Take shelter: Find a storm shelter or basement, get to the lowest level possible
  • Take cover: Get to an interior room
  • Add some protection: Put as much between you and the elements; use blankets, pillows, cushions, etc.
  • Be prepared: Carry your phone, have a flashlight and shoes

Do not:

  • Do not keep driving
  • Do not seek shelter under a bridge
  • Do not stay in a mobile home
  • Avoid down electrical lines

Have the right supplies

Having the right equipment and materials can make a dramatic difference. Simply keeping bottled water, a whistle, a flashlight and a box of granola bars in your office can be helpful. Add a weather radio and a basic first aid kit and you’re off to a great start. Simply put this in a drawer of your desk or the trunk of your car for quick access. For more information on building a kit, see the list created by FEMA.

For questions and more information, contact:

  • Campus Security at 817-531-4290
  • Risk Management at 817-531-4286

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