Dr. Brenda Matthews

Title: Professor of History
Department: Chair, Social Sciences
Office Location: PMC 241
Contact Information: 817-531-4916


About Dr. Brenda Matthews

“Texas Wesleyan is a lot like the school I went to for my undergraduate degree. I like the small classes where there is time to give students personalized attention and there is an emphasis on teaching. I like the students here; they don’t always have the advantages that students going to elite universities have so it reminds me of myself as an undergraduate. Connecting with the students is important because it gives them additional motivation to work hard. They know they are going to be held accountable if their professors know who they are—they can’t disappear in a 200-student filled lecture hall.”

Dr. Matthews, part of the Texas Wesleyan family since 1995, teaches all kinds of history courses with her specialty being the New South (post Civil War). Her recent projects include chapters in a History of Ft. Worth Women book and the Grace & Gumption cookbook, as well as research on a Works Progress Administration travel guide. She feels it important that students in her class look at primary sources of historical events. “In my classroom, we use historical context and interpret those. Students need to realize there are various interpretations of historical events.”


  • Ph.D. History — Texas Christian University
  • Master’s History — Texas Christian University
  • B.S. Secondary Education— Dallas Baptist University

Did you know?

Dr. Matthews enjoys camping and New Mexico is her favorite location. She enjoys her rural home, about an hour west of Ft. Worth with her husband (who also a Ph.D. in History), two dogs (Yeller and Lottie), and one horse (Star). In her spare time, she enjoys reading spy and mystery novels. Dr. Matthews’ favorite author is Alan Furst.

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