Dr. Chitra Chandrasekaran

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Biology
Office Location: STC 113
Contact Information: 817-531-6590


About Dr. Chitra Chandrasekaran

In her 13 years at Texas Wesleyan, Dr. Chandrasekaran has enjoyed the variety of her classes. “I get to see the whole spectrum, teaching freshmen when they first come in and students as they are finishing. I went to institutions that were much larger than Texas Wesleyan so getting to know people and following them through to graduation makes it special and more meaningful to me than it would be if I were somewhere where I didn’t know anyone’s name. I find the very real population of students at Texas Wesleyan interesting. I appreciate the challenges they face to go to school and find the student diversity, not just race, but age and background, refreshing.”

She believes “in life-long learning, in always being curious and engaged, and in finding challenges. I try to bring that to all my classes. Sometimes students see college as a means to an end, but I try to instill that learning is a process for the rest of their lives. I put a lot of time and effort into the best way to communicate science to students, especially non-science majors. Biology is literally changing every five to six months, which forces me to stay on my toes.”

Because the field is changing, independent research is extremely important to Dr. Chandrasekaran. “The currency of our field is the public presentation of our work. Doing research and experiments makes you accountable to yourself, your students, and the entire science community. Research and publications show students that the field is alive and changing and if they see faculty engaged in that process, it makes their classes more relevant and introduces them to critical analysis.” Her research focuses on cell biology and genomics, using the fruit fly as the model system.


National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral fellowship — UT Southwestern
Ph.D. Cell Biology — Washington University
B.S. Biology — Stamford University

Did You know?

Dr. Chandrasekaran has enjoyed playing music since she was 7 years old and contemplated majoring in music. She plays classical guitar, viola, and piano.


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