Dr. Jeffrey DeLotto

Dr. Jeffrey DeLotto
Professor of English

Languages and Literature

Office Location:
PUMC 245

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While his own specialty is in creative writing, especially writing poetry, Dr. DeLotto enjoys the variety of teaching literature, composition, and creative writing to his students. A faculty member for 25 years, Dr. DeLotto is also the creator and general editor for the Texas Wesleyan University Press, the university’s publishing house.

“I like the freedom at Texas Wesleyan to present students with ideas that I think serve them best. I feel like the university leadership appreciates what I do and provides the freedom for my further development, like, writing, taking students on trips, going to conferences, and the creation of new programs.”

Dr. DeLotto feels the small class sizes at Texas Wesleyan are beneficial for professors and students. “Engaged professors give students an individualized and personal education that they can find in few other places.” He strives to “teach students not to need me. I’m helping them develop self-reliance.”

Ph.D. English Literature — Florida State University
M.A. English — Florida State University
B.A. English — University of Florida

Did You Know?
Dr. DeLotto enjoys working in his gardens and “tinkering on an old sail boat,” currently docked on Lake Grapevine.

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