Dr. Kay Colley

Title: Assistant Professor of Mass Communications
Department: Communications
Office Location: OC Armstrong Hall #106
Contact Information: OC Armstrong Hall #106


About Dr. Kay Colley

Dr. Colley has taught a variety of courses at Texas Wesleyan since 2008. Feature Writing and Public Relations Campaigns are two of her favorite classes. “Both of those are intensive courses where students produce projects. It’s nice to see students progress during the semester and gain confidence. At the beginning of the semester, I always show the product I expect the students to have at the end, and they might think, ‘I can’t do that’ and get overwhelmed. And then at the end of the semester, they totally feel they can tackle anything. The students really do get that new degree of confidence that Texas Wesleyan has chosen for its slogan.”

She is the student media faculty liaison at Texas Wesleyan and understands the importance of experience in mass communications. “I want my students to be successful. Students can’t think, ‘If I get good grades and a degree, I’ll get a job’ in communications. You have to have a portfolio of accomplishments, to be able to impress people with what you can do. It’s important to get involved and do hands-on work and if the students want that experience, I can find it for them.”

Dr. Colley is specially trained in convergent journalism, which means “telling a story whatever is the best way to tell it— for example, TV people writing for the Internet, or using the Web, print, and video all for one story.”

She is working on a couple of articles on convergent journalism and curriculum, weighing if curriculum impacts student media or if student media impacts curriculum. She is also researching media representation of Mexican drug cartels.


  • Ph.D. Higher Education — University of North Texas
  • M.A. International Journalism — Baylor University
  • B.A. Journalism — Texas of A&M University
  • A.A. Journalism – Blinn College

Did you know?

With a background in sports reporting, Dr. Colley’s first job in the Metroplex was to write the text on the back of football trading cards. She enjoys gardening, taking photographs, and reading, especially mysteries and humor.

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