Dr. Rod Erakovich

Title: Assistant Professor of Management
Department: School of Business Administration
Office Location: AMB 308
Contact Information: 817-531-4927


About Dr. Rod Erakovich

“I teach undergraduate international management and management theory and practice, and at the graduate level, research methods, as well as health policy (in the doctorate in nurse anesthesia practice program). All the classes are my favorites, but the management theory class is interesting. It is usually the students’ first junior level class so the expectations are different. It is a way to help shape them for the rest of their academics. I give them more responsibility and empower them to do various things in class, such as case analysis, working on teams, and presenting cases.”

“I enjoy teaching, being able to bring some information and knowledge to the students and finding ways of connecting that to their personal and professional needs, that’s always rewarding. I just had a student stop me and she said, ‘I got a job.’ That’s so rewarding, that they are able to use information I give them. Also, many students may not even have an idea of what they want to accomplish and we are able to help them make decisions about what they want to do in their professional lives. I get e-mails every now and then from past students telling me about their accomplishments — that’s a benefit of teaching way beyond getting paid.”

“It’s important to know that I have a lot of respect for students. I respect them and what they are trying to accomplish. And the way I deal with students is based on mutual respect so that they are comfortable coming to me for advising, course work, and directions on things they want to do in professional lives. I always appreciate the fact that there is usually someone at my door wanting to talk about something. I appreciate that openness; that’s gratifying.”

Dr. Erakovich rejoined the Texas Wesleyan faculty in 2008 after acting as a visiting assistant professor of management in 1999-2004. He has also worked for Midwestern State University, Southern New Hampshire University, University of Colorado, Upper Iowa University, University of Texas at Arlington, U.S. Department of Justice, and U.S. Army. “I worked for the federal government for a number of years and one of my major assignments there was in executive leadership and management. I also do some consulting with organizations and work for various cities in organizational matters. My background has been in the area of public management and quite a bit of international work with some consulting work in the Ukraine, Serbia, and Montenegro, in the private and public sector.”

That focus on international management issues and his practical experience working in different cultures also gives Dr. Erakovich’s students a global perspective. “It certainly benefits the students in the international management classes. They can see how management theory applies in different areas.” And because of his contacts, he is able to offer unique class projects and bring in special guests such as a businessman from Southeastern Europe.

Dr. Erakovich has spoken and had work published about how organizational culture influences organization’s decision making and has become known as a resource on organizational culture. His numerous articles, book chapters, and presentations may be found on his Vita.


  • Ph.D. Public Administration - University of Texas at Arlington
  • M.B.A. Management - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida
  • B.S. Aeronautical Science - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida

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