Dr. Stacia Neeley

Title: Associate Professor
Department: English
Office Location: NBC 106
Contact Information: 817-531-4907


About Dr. Stacia Neeley

“I love the idea of helping a student come to a voice of integrity. To find their own voice for expressing what they see and feel and think. I love the part of the course when you see that first paper that they write from that voice. It’s exciting for them and exciting for me because their writing is formed by what exists inside them, not by a model that they find on the Internet or by a formula they see in a course book. And from that day forward, you know that they are going to truly write from their own ability and from their own voice. That they have become writers in their own right.”

“We provide our writing students — both professional and creative writing — with opportunities to apply their talents in real-life situations and to gain professional experience that will serve them well after graduation. You know, when they are looking for jobs or trying to sell their pieces in the real world.

“We have writing internships available on campus and with companies and organizations in the community. We place students in service-learning situations with advertising or public relations agencies, nonprofit organizations, corporations and municipalities. Whenever possible, we match those internships to the type of writing that the student likes best and intends to pursue after graduation. It is important that they get real-world experience outside of the classroom to complement the exercises and challenges they face in the classroom.”

“We adapt our learning outcomes to match the goals and needs of our commuter students. They have a different set of priorities and interests in that they are transferring to the University in their third year as a way to get a degree that prepares them to find a job. Or maybe they have been away from school for several years and are returning to hone their writing skills to get ahead in their careers.

“They recognize that they have only two or three semesters to get the knowledge and experience they seek. They have more focused goals for their writing and a sense of urgency to learn these skills that the first and second year undergraduates do not have yet. So we try to accommodate them to help them with specific pieces or types of assignments. Whether it’s how to write a grant proposal or a resume or even a cover letter, we work with them to acquire or refine the skills they see as being crucial to their success.”

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