Dr. Steve Daniell

Title: Dean
Department: School of Arts and Letters
Office Location: PMC 256
Contact Information: 817-531-4900


About Dr. Steve Daniell

“The Arts & Letters curriculum creates a broad-based educational foundation that widens students’ horizons, as well as provides a practical skill set that prepares them for their career. Through a wide variety of courses, the orientation of the Humanities is about the growth of the person as an intelligent, well-rounded entity that can see and appreciate life’s experiences from a variety of perspectives.”

“We encourage cross-disciplinary educational paths that expose our students to different views so that they learn to see situations in a multi-dimensional context. We purposely break down the silo effect by exposing them to a number of separate but complementary influences as a way to teach them critical thinking and analysis. The wider a student’s education, the more likely he or she is to be able to analyze experiences to fully appreciate what’s there and to be able to successfully solve whatever the challenge is."

“They also can use these perspectives to create a better, richer quality of life. With the proper knowledge, they can better appreciate the in-depth arts and see beyond shallow pop culture. We want them to have a balanced view that allows them to appreciate both. For example, if their interest is music, it’s not just appreciating music as a pleasant tune, it’s understanding how the piece is constructed and how the elements come together to create the whole.”

“Our departmental vision is to convey a sense of curiosity about life and an appreciation of its diversity, beauty and complexity. I encourage my faculty, staff and students to cross over into other areas. To look for alternate classes that encourage and expand their interests. I want our learning objectives and outcomes to be as much about the peripherals as about the big moments. I want the students to learn more broadly about civilization in general, not just about the segment that is in their primary silo because, ultimately, education and why we teach are about giving students the ability to create a high personal quality of life, as well as develop a skill set to advance their career.”


Ph.D. — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.A. — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.A. — Texas Tech University

Did you know?

Dr. Daniell is a man of mystery. He is budding novelist who is closing in on completing his first novel, which is an intricate, plot-driven mystery.

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