Katt Fournier

Hometown: Burkburnett, TX
Major: Math with secondary school emphasis
Class Year: 2014


About Katt Fournier

Texas Wesleyan was the best fit for me out of the four colleges I was accepted to. I liked that it’s in the center of a big city. Everyone was really helpful – no runarounds when I called to get information. It wasn’t like that at the other [bigger] schools. They mostly sent me to their websites.

I talk to a lot of people who say that the friendliness factor at Texas Wesleyan is the same no matter who you are. The atmosphere isn’t what you might be expecting before you get on campus. It’s a tight-knit atmosphere like a family.

A lot of people know me from the Morton Fitness Center because I’ve worked here since we opened. I help the facility stay organized. We clean all the equipment every night. We have to keep a professional atmosphere. I wrote the training manual for the staff members here at Morton. They know to ask me because everyone knows I’m the authority.

I love people, making people laugh. I would rather hang out with people than sleep. I’m an open book. It’s hard for me not to talk. But I think everyone knows that.

After Graduation:
I want to be a high school math teacher.

Favorite Course:
Algebra. I love math.

Favorite Movie:
Shutter Island

Favorite Song/Band:
My favorite band is the Crash Kings, but my favorite song is “Radium Eyes” by Count Zero.

I received a Presidential Scholarship and also have a military scholarship.

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