Mrs. Robyn Bone, LPC-Intern

Title: Associate Director
Department: Career Services
Office Location: Brown-Lupton Center: North Wing
Contact Information: 817-531-6595


About Mrs. Robyn Bone

A member of the Texas Wesleyan staff since 2008, Mrs. Bone feels the university is always improving. “There are a lot of efforts to really engage the students, to be student-focused. I’m seeing a lot of people go above and beyond their job descriptions to help students.” As the campus grows, the family feeling is not lost. “I came from a larger institution and it was a big change. Texas Wesleyan is very welcoming.”

Mrs. Bone is involved in the Metroplex Area Consortium of Career Centers (MAC3) to “partner with local employers and build more relationships.” She is also a mentor at a Dallas Juvenile Detention Center. “It’s important to let youth understand that other people have gone through similar situations and there is support for their goals. Even if they didn’t have a choice about what kind of environment they grew up in, they still have a choice to be successful.”

Her favorite saying is from the Bible, Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” “I am a relatively young professional in this field and this passage helps me to remember that regardless of my age, through Christ, I can do anything.”

People are saying:
Career Services Director Sherri Mata feels Mrs. Bone is really student-centered and focused on helping. “She is doing all she can to facilitate student success.” Student Counseling Intern Eronia Melesse counts Mrs. Bone as her mentor. “She is very honest and always willing to share her knowledge with me.”

Did you know?

People are always surprised when Mrs. Bone pulls out the boxing gloves and pads she keeps in her car trunk. “I love any sport, but especially boxing. It's a great work out and lots of fun.”

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