Nicholas Demetre

Nicholas Demetre
Wrightwood, CA

Criminal Justice

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About Me

Up until last year, I was working on a dual degree of criminal justice and political science. I liked the political science classes, but realized I loved the criminal justice ones. I plan to go to law school after Texas Wesleyan and focus on corporate law. Crimes of corporations against individuals and giving people a voice are what interest me.

I’m a student worker at Career Services so I’ve used all the services there and that’s really helped me out. I encourage everyone to stop by at least once. It’s never a bad idea to look more professional with resume critiquing or getting help with employment, as a student or in the future.

The people at Texas Wesleyan are really the best assets you can have. I give credit for my success to my friends and professors, some of which are also my friends. I came from a small high school and it was easy to transition into life at Texas Wesleyan. There are a lot of extracurricular activities on campus. I live on campus and there’s always something going on.

Favorite course:
“White Collar/Corporate Crime” helped me find a focus, but my favorite class was “Gangsters” with Dr. Gullion. It was an example of why I chose Texas Wesleyan because it was a small class and the student and teacher interaction made for an easy, free flowing atmosphere. It was a very fun class and it’s always good when you can have fun while you’re learning.

Favorite movie:
“A Knight’s Tale”

Favorite book:
“A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L'Engle

Favorite band:

Member of:
PreProfessional Program, Phi Alpha Delta, Lambda Kappa Kappa, Blu Crew

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