The Maxine and Edward L. Baker Building

About The Maxine and Edward L. Baker Building

Year Built: 1927

A commercial building in 1927-1928, it originally housed 5 businesses. Tenants included a dry cleaner, a grocery store, the First State Bank of Polytechnic, and the Polytechnic Herald. It served as a scene shop for the Theatre Arts Department until 2007. The $1.2 million renovation of the 5,000-square-foot edifice was completed in November 2007. The building now serves as a community center, offices and a dining area. The building is named for Maxine and Edward Lawrence Baker, parents of Wesleyan Trustee Louella Baker Martin.

Did you know?

The Baker Building was once the site of a notorious bank robbery. An investigation led to the discovery that the robbery was actually an inside job, failed attempt to receive $5,000 in reward money. The irony was, the bank wasn't a member of the organization offering the reward!

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