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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.

About Us

Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs at Texas Wesleyan University intentionally engages students in a healthy, safe and inclusive co-curricular environment to promote and support student success. We are committed to producing graduates who are competitive, civically responsible and successful in the world community.

We do this by:

  • Cultivating positive relationships among students, faculty, staff and the broader community;
  • Establishing meaningful, collaborative connections to tailor each student’s experience to enhance holistic development and realization of future goals;
  • Challenging and empowering students to advance professionalism, critical thinking skills and purpose; and
  • Remaining flexible and adaptable to serve the needs of an evolving student population.
Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall, Ph.D.
Student Affairs | VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students | 817-531-4872 | Martin Center 238
Gary Stout
Gary Stout, Ed.D.
Student Affairs | Associate VP for Student Affairs | 817-531-6512 | Martin Center 252
Jill Gerloff, Ed.D.
Student Affairs | Assistant Dean of Students | 817-531-6502 | Martin Center 230
Chelsea Sepolio
Chelsea Sepolio, M.S.
Student Affairs | Director for Title IX and ADA Compliance | 817-531-4890 | Martin Center 237
Carson Dinger, M.S.
Residence Life | Director of Housing and Residence Life | 817-413-5000 | Martin Center 233
Eugene Frier
Eugene Frier, M.Ed.
Esports and Gaming | Director for Esports and Gaming | 817-531-4877 | Morton Fitness Center
Chris Beckrich
Chris Beckrich
Campus Security | Director for Campus Safety and Security | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Michael Gatton
Michael Gatton, M.A.
Career Services | Director for Career Services | 817-531-6552 | Martin Center 254
Aaron Whaley
AAron Whaley
Campus Recreation | Director for Campus Recreation | 817-531-7589 | Morton Fitness Center
Barbara Barnhart
Barbara Barnhart, M.S.
Student Activities | Director for Student Activities and Orientation | 817-531-6522 | Martin Center 235
Vacant Position
New Student Experiences | Coordinator for Orientation and Ram Camp | 817-531-7550 | Martin Center 233
Headshot of Samantha Wemple 
Sam Wemple, M.Ed.
Residence Life | Coordinator for Residence Life Operations | 817-413-5022 | West Village Clubhouse
Headshot of Khristian Royster
Khristian Royster, M.A.
Residence Life | Residence Life Coordinator – West Village and O.C. Hall | 817-531-7516 | O.C. Hall 1st Floor
Headshot of Olyne Hare
Olyne Hare, M.Ed.
Residence Life | Residence Life Coordinator – Stella Russell Hall and Elizabeth Hall | 817-531-4228 | Stella Russell Hall 1st Floor
Headshot of Jesse Pyle 
Jesse Pyle, M.S.
Career Services | Coordinator for Internships and Experiential Learning | 817-531-6512 | Martin Center 250
Victoria Nord, M.Ed.
Student Activities | Coordinator for Student Activities| 817-531-4891 | Martin Center 236
Chatashia Brown
Student Activities | Coordinator for Student Diversity and Inclusion Programs | 817-531-6506 | Martin Center 241
Anise Hollins 
Anice Lewis-Hollins
Health Services | Director of Health Services/University Nurse | 817-531-4875 | West Village 110
Anthony Garcia
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Kevin Rodricks
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Chester Strickland
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House