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About Us

Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs at Texas Wesleyan University intentionally engages students in a healthy, safe and inclusive co-curricular environment to promote and support student success. We are committed to producing graduates who are competitive, civically responsible and successful in the world community.

We do this by:

  • Cultivating positive relationships among students, faculty, staff and the broader community;
  • Establishing meaningful, collaborative connections to tailor each student’s experience to enhance holistic development and realization of future goals;
  • Challenging and empowering students to advance professionalism, critical thinking skills and purpose; and
  • Remaining flexible and adaptable to serve the needs of an evolving student population.


Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall, Ph.D.
Student Affairs | VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students | 817-531-4872 | Martin Center 238
Gary Stout
Gary Stout, Ed.D.
Student Affairs | Associate VP for Student Affairs | 817-531-6512 | Martin Center 252
Jill Gerloff, Ed.D.
Student Affairs | Assistant Dean of Students | 817-531-6502 | Martin Center 230
Chelsea Sepolio
Chelsea Sepolio, M.S.
Student Affairs | Director for Title IX and ADA Compliance | 817-531-4890 | Martin Center 237
Carson Dinger, M.S.
Residence Life | Director of Housing and Residence Life | 817-413-5000 | Martin Center 233
Eugene Frier
Eugene Frier, M.Ed.
Esports and Gaming | Director for Esports and Gaming | 817-531-4877 | Morton Fitness Center
Chris Beckrich
Chris Beckrich
Campus Security | Director for Campus Safety and Security | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Michael Gatton
Michael Gatton, M.A.
Career Services | Director for Career Services | 817-531-6552 | Martin Center 254
Aaron Whaley
AAron Whaley
Campus Recreation | Director for Campus Recreation | 817-531-7589 | Morton Fitness Center
Barbara Barnhart
Barbara Barnhart, M.S.
Student Activities | Director for Student Activities and Orientation | 817-531-6522 | Martin Center 235
Vacant Position
New Student Experiences | Coordinator for Orientation and Ram Camp | 817-531-7550 | Martin Center 233
Headshot of Samantha Wemple 
Sam Wemple, M.Ed.
Residence Life | Coordinator for Residence Life Operations | 817-413-5022 | West Village Clubhouse
Headshot of Khristian Royster
Khristian Royster, M.A.
Residence Life | Residence Life Coordinator – West Village and O.C. Hall | 817-531-7516 | O.C. Hall 1st Floor
Headshot of Olyne Hare
Olyne Hare, M.Ed.
Residence Life | Residence Life Coordinator – Stella Russell Hall and Elizabeth Hall | 817-531-4228 | Stella Russell Hall 1st Floor
Headshot of Jesse Pyle 
Jesse Pyle, M.S.
Career Services | Coordinator for Internships and Experiential Learning | 817-531-6512 | Martin Center 250
Victoria Nord, M.Ed.
Student Activities | Coordinator for Student Activities| 817-531-4891 | Martin Center 240 B
Chatashia Brown
Student Activities | Coordinator for Student Diversity and Inclusion Programs | 817-531-6506 | Martin Center 240 C
Grant Brady
Esports and Gaming | Coordinator of Esports |  Morton Fitness Center
Anise Hollins 
Anice Lewis-Hollins
Health Services | Director of Health Services/University Nurse | 817-531-4875 | West Village 110
Anthony Garcia
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Kevin Rodricks
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House
Chester Strickland
Campus Security | Security Supervisor | 817-531-4251 | Glick House