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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.


Roast of Dennis Hall tonight!

09.19.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Dennis Hall named Interim Dean of Students at Texas Wesleyan University.

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for: the opportunity to roast, or to watch others roast, our dean of students. The jokes, pressure and side-eye have been building for our panelists and it is time to reveal who they are.

Host, Julian Rodriguez: He's the man with a plan, and has the blueprints to make a grown man cry from laughter... or just cry. With his hard-hitting one-liners and quick wit, you will surely appreciate his stage presence.

Kelsea Coker: Though she is but little, she is fierce. This firecracker will appeal to the audience with her doe-eyed look but -make no mistake- she will tear you up. Audience members can expect their sweet giggles quickly replaced by crippling shade.

Darrell Smoot: We all know and love D-Smooth, but may soon change our minds. Our resident Jack-of-all-trades cannot, and should not, be underestimated. Tonight will be no different. 

David Monge: Don’t let his blue hair fool you, the only color David sees is Red. With insults this hot, all that will remain will be the threads of Dennis’ sweater vest.

Caleb Eiland: Mini Me is to Doctor Evil as Caleb Eiland is to Dennis Hall. Tonight this henchman will forget his allegiance and show us who the real boss is.

Lyndsey Bessinger: This meticulous maniac will roast on every level. Her jokes will get you thinking and somehow wanting more. 

Chelsea Sepolio: This pop-culture queen has been preparing for this moment her entire life. Hilary Duff was right; this is what dreams are made of.

Dennis Hall: The man of the hour; the big cheese; our captain; tonight, the gloves come off and the head honcho will let us know how he really feels.

Join us for the laughter tonight at 5 p.m. in the Baker Building. Mocktails will be served until 5:15pm and the roast begins at 5:20pm.

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