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A safety pin can be a promise

11.17.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Safety Pin

Certainly, Texas Wesleyan University is a place to earn your degree, but it’s also a space to find yourself, who you are, what you believe, and make those critical decisions about how you’re going to live your life. Here at TXWES, our faculty and staff want to remind you that your safety and comfort have a direct impact on your life both inside and outside of the classroom.

The recent election, no matter what side you fell on, might have caused a shift in your feelings of safety and comfort. Regardless of how you voted, we want you to know that not only do we support you, but more importantly that you should support one another.

We often speak of our RAMily; these cannot just be nice words in a brochure. We live this ideal by building a community of mutual support and respect for one another, and are challenged each day to show our genuine care for our community.

To help show this, Student Life is distributing safety pins as a sign of solidarity for the cherished and appreciated diversity on this campus. Simply pin it on your shirt or backpack to show your RAMily that, regardless of how they identify, who or what they worship, where they are from or what their story is, that we care for them, and we care for each other and the kind of environment we want TXWES to be.

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At Texas Wesleyan, we have a rich history and a Texas-sized reputation. As stewards of the University, it is our responsibility to build a future as bright as our past.
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