Find out what occupations best match your personality, interests, skills, values and attitudes. Below are descriptions of some assessments used.

The Strong Profile, College Edition

This assessment offers all the helpful features of the Standard Edition, plus an additional personalized page that helps students explore academic majors, campus activities and career options to fit their interests. Also included are campus activities and ideas for internships or part-time jobs. The report offers students tips for choosing an academic major, graduate program or first job after college.

The Strong Interests Inventory is based on Holland’s Theory that measures six types of occupational interests:

  1. Realistic
  2. Investigative
  3. Artistic
  4. Social
  5. Enterprising
  6. Conventional

Your customized Strong Profile report can help you:

  1. Achieve satisfaction in your work
  2. Identify career options consistent with your interests
  3. Determine your preferred learning environment
  4. Learn about your preferences for leadership, risk-taking and teamwork
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This assessment helps you identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported type. The MBTI has been used for more than sixty years to help people become more satisfied and successful in their careers.

It is based on Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Types and can demonstrate:

  1. Where you focus your attention (Extraversion vs. Introversion)The way you take in information (Sensing vs. Intuition)The way you make decisions (Thinking vs. Feeling)
  2. How you deal with the outer world (Judging vs. Perceiving)

Your customized report can help you:

  1. Identify job families, or broad occupational categories
  2. Choose a specific job or career
  3. Select a college major or course of study
  4. Identify strengths and weaknesses of your type for career search
  5. Increase job satisfaction
  6. Make a career transition or shift
  7. Plan your career development strategy and action steps
Taking These Assessments

Please contact Career Services on how to take these online:
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An assessment for younger people is provided online by O'NET
Oscar's Interest Profiler is recommended for 4th-8th grades to help them find out what interests they have how they relate to the world of work. Knowing their work interests can help them decide what kinds of jobs and careers they may want to explore as they enter high school.

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