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Esports & Gaming

Kicking off esports at TXWES

Are you ready to put all those hours of gaming to good use? Texas Wesleyan is launching several esports teams, and we want you to play.

Don’t worry, this team isn’t just for gamers. You can get involved in a few different ways.

  1. Compete on a varsity team for Overwatch, League of Legends or Hearthstone
  2. Be a student coach, scout or opponent analyst
  3. Join our team as part of the production crew – streamers, hosts, editors, writers, directors
  4. Be an active part of the esports community

We'll have everything you need right here on campus. We're creating a practice and competition facility just for the esports and gaming program.


We’re offering scholarships

There are scholarships you can earn for being involved in esports. Texas Wesleyan will offer up to 12, $2,000 esports scholarships for players based on performance and game history.

Package that with academic scholarships and other financial aid, and you’ll have a great head start toward paying for school. With the money you'll save, you might even be able to pick up a few new games.

The first step? Submit your info and let us know you’re interested in the team.


Leagues we're joining

We're excited to join a few of the biggest gaming leagues in esports.

  • National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) – the first college in Texas
  • Tespa
  • University League of Legends (uLoL)

Are you a current student interested in esports?

Interested in esports? Get in touch with us. Fill out a form with some more information about you like games you play, gaming experience and more.

Fill Out Experience

Not a current student?

If you're thinking about applying to Texas Wesleyan or transferring to the University, we have a different form for you to fill out.

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