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Greek Life

Texas Wesleyan Greek Life

Our Mission

To promote a community within Texas Wesleyan University that inspires the development of ethical leadership, that champions personal growth and fosters continuous growth through common fraternal principles as a way to actively engage and build exemplary Greek men and women. Accordingly, the Texas Wesleyan Greek community aims to set an unprecedented example of the ideal contemporary Greek community, in which profound experiences and lifelong relationships are fostered, along with newfound knowledge, perspectives and community engagement.

Core Values

Civic Engagement

Our chapters will engage member in a process that actively addresses issues on both local and national levels. Through these activities, the chapter will instill a lifelong commitment to citizenship in its members.  

Intellectual Development

Our chapters develop and maintain a scholastic program that promotes success, growth and the importance of academics in its members. The chapter will also instill a commitment to learning outside the classroom for its members to increase their awareness in other areas such as arts, culture and current events.

Positive Relationships

Our chapters create safe and healthy environments that foster brotherhood and sisterhood within their respective organizations and promote collaboration throughout the Greek and Texas Wesleyan communities. These relationships are rooted in the purpose and values of the organization. In addition, the chapter will respect the dignity of all people while embracing the free exchange of ideas and beliefs while educating and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Integration of Purpose

Our chapters understand the purpose and values of their organization and educate its members on how these ideas relate to their daily activities. The chapter fosters and promotes environments that are consistent with their purpose. Individuals within the chapter take ownership of their organizational values and are held to them.

Leadership Development

Our chapters foster an environment that encourages, supports and promotes the principles of servant leadership in its members. This includes leadership experiences both inside and outside of the organization. 

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