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Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.
Get Hired. Get your MBA from TXWES.


RamSpace is the university’s name for our Engage platform. This online space displays engagement, volunteer and leadership Opportunities. Additionally, it serves as our student organizations one-stop shop for scheduling events, booking spaces, communicating and registering. Through RamSpace, Ramily members can discover events, communicate with student organization leaders, and create service and co-curricular transcripts from their TXWES career.

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Student Engagement offers a variety of workshops to its Students and campus groups. Ramily members can attend one of our monthly scheduled leadership workshops or can request a workshop, facilitation, consultation, or educational presentation, etc. Please click the options below to learn more:

Monthly Workshops

Budget 101, Sept. 10, Free Period, Campus Partner BBVA Bank

  • The bills are everywhere and it seems like there's never enough money to get everything you want. maybe your spending is a little out of control. Join us in a discussion on money management practices. 

Dress For Success, Oct. 6, Free Period, Led by Michael Gatton, director of Career Services

  • You got that interview or you have to make a good impression. This session is the place to learn what to wear and what not to wear when you need to land the job or create that positive visual impact.

Mortgages? Renting? Get your questions answered, Nov. 5, Free Period, Campus Partner BBVA Bank

  • You are ready to get your own place but you don't understand the in and outs of renting or buying. Sometimes its really good to learn both sides and ask some questions before you commit. If this concept piques your interest, RSVP on RamSpace.

Car Break Down Basics, Feb. 11, Free Period, Led by Chris Beckrich, director, Campus Security & Safety

  • Here we will teach you what to put in a breakdown bag, how to change a tire, and some other very helpful tips and tricks if you ever have a breakdown on the side of the road.

Overcoming The Fear of Failure, March 23, Free Period, Led by Barbara Barnhart, director of student activities

  • It is completely natural to feel afraid of failure. Whether its school work, sports, relationships, work, you name it, we are going to work through it. 

Survivial Skills, April 6, Free Period, Led by Sami Waygood, coordinator, student activities

  • You never got a chance to be a scout but you still want to know some survival basics just in case the situation arises. We will teach you, how to start a fire, tie knots, build a shelter, first aid and how to signal for help.

*Dates are subject to change. Updates will be made in RamSpace. RSVP is required to attend so be sure to complete your RSVP through the RamSpace event portal.

  • StrengthsQuest
    • Grounded in Positive Psychology, StrengthsQuest is a development and engagement program designed to help students, educators, and staff members achieve success in academics, career, and life. Societally we generally focus on how you need to improve rather than what you naturally do well. This focus on “not enough” has greatly affected our lens through which we view others and ourselves. This program shifts that perspective and allows individuals the opportunity to develop talents into strengths. 
  • Event Planning
    • This workshop will present you with tips and tools to help your organization to plan a successful event. This workshop is highly recommended for newly elected student organization event/programming planning roles. 
  • Teambuilding
    • Fun hands-on activities for groups who are looking to learn a little more about the way their group functions together.
  • Leadership Styles
    • Through this workshop participants will learn about various leadership styles and identify their own. Discovering your unique leadership style can help leaders understand what they personally bring to the group and how to relate with others. 
  • Officer Transition
    • It may be that time of the year where your organizations are holding elections or filling positions. One major component for success in these roles is the ease and smoothness of position transitions. Through an effective transition, officers will decrease the time it takes to learn their position and allow them to improve their role abilities through previous officers experiences. Use this workshop to help navigate or develop an officer transition process.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Does your student organization need to develop an action plan or develop goals for the upcoming year? This workshop will teach you and assist your organization in the action planning and goal setting process. You should be leaving this session with a working document in hand.
  • Student Leader Professionalism
    • Having proper etiquette is a critical skill you will utilize in college, as a professional, and throughout your adult life. Learn the correct way to give a handshake, what to do when you forget someone’s name, and brush up on your table etiquette.
  • Risk Management
    • All student organizations should be concerned with risk management. No matter how big an event or how small an activity, risk will be present at some level. Learning to manage risk will reduce individual liability and ensure a fun, safe environment for participants. All registered student organizations are required to attend training sessions on a set of risk management topics as it relates to individuals, organization functions, and/or activities to maintain registered status.

How to Schedule One:

Contact Barbara Barnhart via email or call 817-531-6522 to consult with her about your group needs.

Please note:

  • Workshops are best geared for small groups (less than 30).
  • Workshops are not offered during spring break week, finals week or on holidays.
  • Not all requested dates may be possible or may need to be scheduled at a later time when a facilitator is available.
Leadership Certificate Program

This program is intended to help students become more effective leaders in contexts where they currently serve or in contexts to which they aspire. This certification experience is two parts.

The first part of the program includes a developmental course. The content is based in the belief that leadership involves moral/ethical dimensions and that effective leadership equals good leadership; that is, it includes service to others and to contexts beyond the self, as well as authenticity and integrity. Students will examine these concepts through content from Tim Elmore’s Habitudes, TED talks and group discussion. Upon completion of the self-paced course, students will move to the second level.

The second part is designed to provide students with practical skills for development. Participants will be asked to:

  • Attend two self-selected University workshops.
  • Participate in 10 hours of documented community service.
  • Be involved in at least (1) dedicated leadership role.
  • Submit a reflection-capstone.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate and graduation cords to signify program achievement.

Interested students may sign up for the program within the first 12 class days of an academic semester. Please email Barbara Barnhart for additional details.